What drives us

Learning is the lifelong process that defines us all from earliest childhood. It makes each one of us who we are. It’s how we stay engaged and alert, how we connect with and understand the world, and how we challenge and reward ourselves. Our mission is to empower great educators and connect them with learners globally. Our mission is to become the world’s preferred partner in the lifestyle learning space.

We are real people creating real world learning for people just like us.

We deliver practical life skills, transforming and positively impacting lives.

We provide easy and immediate access to a world of inspirational experts.

We aim to become the world’s preferred partner in the lifestyle learning space.

Who we are

We are a female-founded and women-led organization supporting a community of diverse learners passionately invested in their hobby or personal interest. We are supported by a range of creative and talented service providers working remotely in 11 countries. Our diverse backgrounds ensure that we spark off each other and ensures our work is constantly evolving and challenging the norms. Our team thrives on change and new ideas, taking learnings from all corners of our business. This diversity and passion fuels every aspect of what we do.

Our basic instinct

KnowHowDo is built on learning that enriches and fundamentally changes lives. Learning broadens perspectives, expands our knowledge, and allows us to grow. Lifestyle learning with KnowHowDo is about want-to-learn rather than have-to-study. We provide high quality online courses on Beauty, Health, Wellness, Career, Pets, Craft, and Hobbies. All interactions on our platforms are stimulating, meaningful, and motivating. We strive to ensure that our community learns and grows in a supportive, pleasurable, and engaging environment. We serve our learners’ need to fully develop their potential. Their journey is our mission. Their instinct for learning is our obsession.