Our community of curious and diverse learners

With more than 1 million learners from 100 different countries we are expanding by 33% annually. Despite this growth, we never lose sight of quality and enjoy a 5-star satisfaction rating, with more than 90% of our users willing to recommend us to a friend. By leveraging high customer satisfaction levels, we generate strong sales and repeat purchases through lifetime customer loyalty. We encourage our learning family to energise and connect with each other by sharing what they learn and showing off their new skills to one another.


The Learning Network

We are turning influencers into educators, and now boast a portfolio of courses that give our students unprecedented access to these unique teachers. The Learning Network presents course creators with the opportunity to take their fans and followers on an exciting journey into their worlds of expertise.

The Learning Network’s current roster includes World Memory Champion Yanjaa Wintersoul, Deaf YouTuber Jazzy Whipps, and all-star dog trainer Ian Stone, totaling a subscriber base of over 3,000,000 and counting.

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