Channels to market

KnowHowDo has developed a unique and diversified distribution strategy. Using its owned brands and partner platforms, the focus is to maximize return on a variety of content investments. Our primary channels to market include direct marketing, corporate collaborations, affiliate partnerships and media outlets.

Put simply, we create, produce, and license content in a variety of innovative ways and bring it to our audiences through a range of successful revenue lines, maximizing opportunity. We offer excellence to our growing network of powerhouse distribution partners. That is the strength of our partnership community.

Extraordinary expertise

We partner with skilled experts and educators with existing audiences to strengthen our course content and relevance. People increasingly go to social influencers to learn. We understand the power of these influencers and embrace the social influencer phenomenon. This maximizes engagement and return, diversifies risk, and allows the experts themselves to share an opportunity to monetize their following through our brands. This unique commercial model is building our audiences and creating a distinctive community of lifelong learners. This is what we call the KnowHowDo Learning Network.



Our technology and content creation hub, KnowHowDo Solutions, provides KnowHowDo brands with the best-in-class tools and materials, creating the most effective user experience.

Serving diversified audiences on bespoke platforms, our proprietary technology has been developed through years of experience in the e-learning space. From advanced CRM tools to structured user flows and learning solutions, our technology adapts and improves, based on constant feedback from different market sectors.


KnowHowDo has a diversified global audience. Learners come from more than 100 countries. Our core audience is in the US followed by the UK and other English-speaking markets. Female learners make up 66% of our total audience. 32% are between 25 and 34 years of age.